It is the goal of BCRSGF to make sure all coaches are National Coaching Cerififaction Program (NCCP) trained AND certified.

As per BCRSGF Policy and, as per B.C. law, those who work closely with minor athletes and who occupy positions of trust and authority within BCRSGF are required to complete a police record checks (PRC). Please click here for detailed instructions.

If you want to check the status of your NCCP certification, you can sign into the "CAC Locker" and check it for yourself. If you cannot find your NCCP number but took NCCP courses before, please try reading this CAC locker manual, if that didn't help, please contact BCRSGF's coaching chair at

Starting at age 13, potential coaches may participate in the Pre-CIT program at their club. Starting at age 16, potential coaches can begin training in the NCCP.

Course Schedule

Please click here for FAQ for foundations coaches. For course schedule, please check the following:

  • For the 2017-2018 season, these courses are scheduled:
  • BC Gymnastics website event schedule - foundations courses common to any disciplines of gymnastics are listed. If you are already a registered member of BCRSGF, you do not need a separate GBC membership to qualify for the member discount for courses. However, you need to communicate with BCRSGF's executive director - Sashka (
  • BCRSGF's event calendar - Weekend 3 (sport specific portion) of the NCCP Courses is announced there.
  • Respect in Sport (online module) - There is a $12 charge.

Downloadable resources

For other downloadable resources:

Paid positions

Following are paid job postings:

Volunteer positions

Special Olympics is always looking for more volunteers to work with athletes, either as coaches or as officials. You can contact SOBC directly or if you want to talk to someone first, please contact us at

You can find most of the answers you need here.

The CAC database says I still need the component "Making Ethical Decisions". What are my options?

  1. Find a live course - posted through the ViaSport website. Usually around 4 hours and $50
  2. BCRSGF will host a course in 2015, date and location to be determined, probably same cost.
  3. Homestudy through ViaSport. Takes a bit longer. $65
  4. Challenge the online evaluation without doing the course but most don't pass without the course, costs $85.