Policies and Procedures

Zone Travel
Email Votes
Policy and Procedures as of July 2015
BCRSGF Bylaws MAY 2014
Coaching Course Policies (June 2014)
BCRSGF policy Volunteers and Employee Screening Policy
BCRSGF policy Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA)
BCRSGF policy Despute resolution

Administrative Resources

BCRSGF 2016 - 2017 Fee Structure
BCRSGF Full Member Club Registration 2015-2016
COI - BCRSGF - Primary Certificate - valid through June 30 2017
BCRSGF 2015 - 2016 Non-club affiliated Individual Registration Form
BCRSGF 2015 - 2016 Member List Registration Form - (MS Excel - Download and save before using)
BCRSGF Travel Expense Claim Form
BCRSGF Criminal Record Check Instructions and Policy 2014
BC Hosting Sanction Form

Judging / Competition Resources

2017 GCG Compulsory Apparatus Chart (August 18 2016)
2017 GCG Provincial Stream Chart (December 13)
2017 BC Provincial Stream Chart (Sep 2016)
2017 GCG Free Requirements 2C, 3C, 3D, 4D & Novice (August 18 2016)
BCRSGF Interclub Stream Rules 2016-17 (Excel)

BCRSGF Judging Certification Program
Judges Assessment Form
BCRSGF Judging Rules and Regulations 2014
GCG Judge Rules & Regulations - Nov 2015
GCG RG Score Inquiry Process and Form - Nov 2015

Coaching Resources

FAQs Coach Certification
BCRSGF Coach Path
Respect in Sport - The online course costs $12 and is strongly recommended by GCG.
Gymnastics Foundation Coach Evaluation Package
NCCP Level 2 practical sign-off
NCCP Level 3 practical sign-off
Special Olympics Resources

RGC / FIG Resources

RG CoP 2017-2020 (Feb 2017)
RG CoP 2017-2020 Feb 2017 Errata
RG CoP 2017-2020 Errata
2016 03 11 RG ChallengeCup Rules
Clarifications from WC Bucharest and WC Pesaro 2015
2013-2016 FIG Code of Point and other resources
FIG Helpdesk
RGC technical Rules 2011-2012

RGC / FIG Sanction Forms

Please note the following (as of 2015):

  • NT assignments do not require a GCG sanction request.
  • NT expression of interests do not require a GCG sanction request.
  • ALL OTHER international competitions require a GCG sanction request. Please note, the sanction fee has increased from $25 to $50.
GCG (RGC) Participant Sanction Form
GCG (RGC) 2010 Sanction Rules
GCG (RGC) Hosting Sanction Form

Forms and Templates

Trip report template for officials

Online Training Resources

Respect in Sport
Special Olympics coaches and judges online workshop
Training material on YouTube